Suzuki Hub

helping children make beautiful music


The Suzuki Hub teachers are brilliant. Really. They are all popular teachers who have undertaken postgraduate studies in the Suzuki method or, in the case of general musicianship group teachers, their area of musical speciality. Our teachers are basically early childhood specialists wielding instruments.

They’re also really friendly. We don’t work with anyone who isn’t friendly. It’s kind of important to us.

From our point of view, we are delighted to be working with such a good bunch of people.  They are awesome.


What do the world’s greatest soloists have in common, being as they are from different countries, eras and taught through a variety of different musical styles and methods?

They all liked their first teacher.

Our brilliant teachers


If you’ve been lucky enough to have ever had a truly brilliant teacher, you’ll know what we mean when we say they matter.

A brilliant teacher is someone who:

Commands and shows respect

Knows their stuff and is hungry to learn more

Inspires you to do your best

Stretches your brain

Holds you to account

And makes you feel that anything is possible

To all of our teachers, and to all of theirs, we give thanks. You continue to inspire us.

We hope to be for others the brilliant teacher you were to us.

As a child, I found learning music quite solitary, except for orchestra when I was older. Learning Suzuki violin my son has had a totally different experience and has loved the social side of it from the start. For him the teaching is fun - he loves it. Enough said.

Suzuki parent