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Term dates are:

Autumn term: Sat 7 Sept - Sat 7 Dec

Half term: Sun 20 - Sun 27 Oct

Catch up week: Mon 9 - Sat 14 Dec

Spring term: Mon 6 Jan - Sat 28 March

Half term: Sun 16 - Sun 23 February

Catch up week: Mon 30 March - Sat 4 April

Come make beautiful music with us.

We have lessons now available for violin, flute and trumpet students, plus our new Suzuki Music Time Singing class. For baby & toddler music you can turn up and get your first class free - no need to book. To start an learning an instrument, all you have to do is observe three lessons before enrolling with us at Suzuki Hub - and the best way to see which instrument is right for your family is to come along to our next Instrument Explorer Day. It’s a friendly and affordable event that takes place on site so it really gives you a feel for what it’s like to learn with us. Our next one is scheduled for:

Instrument Explorer Day

Saturday 16th November, 3pm

At an Instrument Explorer Day you will hear our lovely teachers talk about their instruments and why they like them, listen to them play, and find out some information about Suzuki and how everything works at Suzuki Hub. Then we have a little break (during which everyone has a few biscuits and a glass of squash) then your kids can have a go on all the instruments showcased that day - violin, flute and trumpet and you can ask any questions you may have about learning with us.

Tickets are £5 for children (no charge for babies and adults) and you need to book as spaces are limited. Free places are available for children from low-income families. Please email for more information about free tickets. To book regular tickets please click here.

We teach






Baby & Toddler music

making your kids shine

Our director, Kate Conway

Excellence. Through Suzuki music lessons.

Suzuki Hub is the place for you if you want your kids to play a musical instrument beautifully and have a great time learning to play it.


My sons’s interest in Suzuki violin has led to rockschool guitar, drums and traditional piano.

His initial Suzuki lessons provided him with such a solid musical foundation that it’s been really easy for him to learn to play other instruments.

Suzuki Hub parent

What’s on offer

Weekly Suzuki music lessons in our dedicated music centre just off Hackney Road in East London. Come and visit us at 116 Weymouth Terrace, London E2 8LR.

We teach through the Suzuki Method (more on that below) and offer our students not just instrumental lessons, but a real sense of community.

We are a place of music, fun and discipline.

At the heart of our teaching is a solid respect for kids and their parents. We want to make a difference to your family. We want music to be a part of your lives. We want your kids to shine. And we can help you achieve this. Please give us a call or send us an email if you’d like to sign up for lessons or ask any questions.

Thank you

For what we are busy doing here, we are truly thankful. To many. Soooooo many people have helped us get this show on the road and we are deeply grateful to you all. In particular we’d like to thank the London Suzuki Group and Helen Brunner for their financial support. Other folk worth a particular mention are Hackney Business Venture, our friends and families and Southbank International School. And as always, we remain truly thankful to all of our teachers - musical and otherwise - you continue to inspire us.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.



The Suzuki Method

Suzuki approaches learning music in the same way as learning language: start young, listen, imitate, play, and practise. The teaching works around a musical triangle with the student, child and parent all working together. Suzuki says ‘Every Child Can’. And they can! See our Suzuki page for more information.

Who’s in charge

It’s a family affair - Kate and Ella Conway are a couple who want to offer Hackney kids outstanding opportunities. They want to do more than teach kids to play music, they want to create a community based around celebrating diversity, creating talent, and building friendships. Together with Kate’s brother Rick, a founding director of Suzuki Hub,  they have created a Suzuki teaching community that’s all about ordinary kids and their families achieving extraordinary things together. Suzuki Hub is proud never to turn anyone away because they can’t afford what we do. We are here for everyone who wants to join us.

What we’re doing here

Suzuki Hub is all about excellence. We inspire, have fun and create talent. With everyone.

We are a Social Enterprise Limited Company registered in England and Wales number 7623871. This means we are guided by our aim to provide high quality Suzuki music teaching to kids, not by the desire for profit. We teach all kinds of kids from all kinds of families. Students with special educational needs are welcome here, as are children and parents with disabilities. We are completely committed to diversity across every spectrum and one of the things we teach our kids is how to celebrate diversity, acceptance and community.