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Let’s chat. Email Kate if you are enquiring for the first time.  If you already know us and want to talk to reception at Suzuki Hub, try 020 7729 0586.  If we’re not there, leave a message and we’ll get back to you.  Our email address is


Looking for a Suzuki teacher in East London?

Look no further. You’ve found us. Whether you have general questions about Suzuki or want to sign your kids up for lessons straight away - please get in touch.  You can email us on or call reception between 3pm and 7pm weekdays, and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays.  The number is 020 7729 0586.  If we’re not there leave us a message and we’ll call you back for a chat. 

If you want to come visit us, send us a postcard, check out the travel options from our place to yours or just spy on us from Google Earth... our street address is: Suzuki Hub, 116 Weymouth Terrace (on the corner of Kent Street), London E2 8LR.

Come fly with us

Are you a Suzuki teacher? Or a wannabe Suzuki teacher?

Want to come and work with us?

Let’s talk. Click here to send Kate an email.

Other Suzuki folk

The London Suzuki Group organises loads of Suzuki events throughout the year for London Suzuki kids to attend including concerts in amazing venues, school holiday festivals and Summer schools, some of which you can camp at. If you’re learning through the Suzuki Hub you’ll already be a member so you might as well reap the benefits. Besides, they really do offer great learning opportunities for the kids who get involved in their events. They also run a bursary scheme which offers reduced lesson fees to families on low incomes.

The British Suzuki Institute organises national graduation and other concerts for Suzuki kids. They also run an online bookshop and the Suzuki teacher training programme so they’re kind of the UK Suzuki Mothership.

Book buying

If you’re in Hackney we suggest you buy your Suzuki and other music books from the lovely, helpful, independent and kid-friendly Dots the Camden Music Shop, who stock the standard Suzuki books, CDs and other music books we recommend - and who will order anything else you want. The British Suzuki Institute also sell the Suzuki books online.

Instrument suppliers

If you want to buy rather than rent your instruments from us, please talk to your private teacher first to be sure you’ll be buying the right size for your child, and then ring the marvellous Dot’s music shop who will look after you brilliantly. Tell them we sent you.


I love having the excuse day after day to listen to and play beautiful music in our home.

Suzuki parent

I love seeing the girls’ progress and watching them play duets together.

Suzuki parent