Solo Concert Week

Monday 12th - Saturday 17th March

Weekday rehearsals                   3.45pm - 5.15pm

Weekday concerts                     5.30pm

Saturday morning rehearsals     10am - 11.15am

Saturday morning concerts        11.30am

Saturday afternoon rehearsals    2.30pm - 3.45pm

Saturday afternoon concerts      4pm

Please come as early as you can for a short rehearsal followed by a break before the concert. These are drop in rehearsals so you won’t get allocated a time, you will just rehearse when you arrive. All concerts will be 70 minutes maximum, most will be less than an hour long.

Please bring friends and family, all concerts are free to attend.

Unless you ask to change, your concert will be on the day you have your private lesson at the Hub. If you have private lessons elsewhere, you will perform on your instrumental group day.

If you have any questions please ask your teacher or email Kate if they can’t help. Thanks.

All solos must be at least three pieces back from the performer’s current working piece. This is so that your solo experience is not scary or unpleasant, but joyful and confident.

Summer Groups Concert

Saturday 5th May, Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old Street, EC1V 9LT.

Rehearsals will be from 9am until 2pm. You will be emailed your rehearsal times nearer the time. Suzuki Hub will be closed and all Saturday lessons will happen on Saturday 8th September instead of Saturday 5th May. Everyone taking part in the concert will pay the same amount they pay for groups each week, to cover our costs and keep entry to the concert free. If you pay on standing order this has already been accounted for.

The concert will start at 3pm.

Entry is free, please bring friends and family. It will finish by 5.30pm at the latest.

Programme (in order of level and instrument, not concert order)

Playtogether: Everyone

Daily Do (everyone singing)

Hungarian Hop

Gavotte in G minor

Musette in G

Minuet 2 in C

Perpetual Motion in D

Allegro in D

Long Long Ago (theme only) in A

Song of the Wind in A

Lightly Row in D

Busy Busy and Theme in A

As usual there will be a leader for non-players to follow and everyone will do something in almost all of the pieces.

Beginner Violin Groups (Tuesday 5.15pm, Wednesday 4.20pm, Saturday 1.20pm)

Chatterbox Chatterbox

Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Nelly the Elephant and Twinkle Theme (with an introduction straight after Nelly for Theme, no break for applause)

Mid-book 1 - Mid-book 2 Violin Groups (Wednesday 5.15pm, Saturday 12pm and 3.15pm)

Minuet 1 with second part

Hungarian Dance (Ian Butterworth)

Book 2 - 3 Violin Groups: (Wednesday 6.20pm and Thursday 5.15pm)

Hunters Chorus with harmony part

Martini Gavotte

Book 4 - 5 Violin Group:

Chanson de Matin, Elgar

Perpetual Motion with second part, Bohm 


Star Wars

Game of Thrones

Violin Ensemble:


Cello Beginners: (Monday 4.20pm and Friday 4.20pm)

May Song (with second part)

Twinkle Twinkle Boogie Boo

Cello Book 2 - 4: (Friday 5.15pm)

March in G

Scherzo, Webster

Pirates of the Caribbean

Book 1 Flute Group: 



Book 2 - 3 Flute Group: 

Humoresque with Harmony

Gluck and Orphee

Flute Ensemble: 

Dr. Who Theme 


Piece to be confirmed soon

More videos coming soon...